FERRARI 512TR - 1993
Model 512 TR - Manual Transmission Body Type Coupé Price SOLD
Make 1991-1994 Color Red
Year 1993 Interior Tan
Specific description This car was sold new in Belgium. It is a first owner car, with complete maintenance history and fully documented. Documentation includes: original sales brochure, original purchase order and invoice, pictures of different shows and appraisal report.

Model description The 512 TR sports a 4.9 litre Ferrari Colombo 180° F-12 engine longitudinally mid mounted. Each cylinder has four valves, with forty-eight valves total, lubricated via a dry sump system, and a compression ratio of 10.00:1. These combine to provide a maximum torque of 491 newton metres (362 ft·lbf) at 5500 rpm and a maximum power of 319 kilowatts (434 PS; 428 hp) at 6750 rpm. The Ferrari 512 TR can accelerate from 0–97 kilometres per hour (60 mph) in 4.90 seconds and on to 161 km/h (100 mph) in 10.70 seconds. It can complete a standing (from stationary) quarter mile in 13.20 seconds or a standing kilometre in 23.40 seconds. The maximum speed the 512 TR can attain is 314 kilometres per hour (195 mph).
(Source: Wikipedia)
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