Model DS 21 Injection Electronique - Auto Tr Body Type Convertible Price SOLD
Make 1961-1971 Color Sand
Year 1970 Interior Sand
Specific description This car was sold new in France and is a very rare I.E. (Injection Electronique). In 1995 the car was sold in Italy where it remained till 2012. It was then purchased by a renowned German DS collector and in the same year the car moved to a new owner in Belgium. The car is entirely restored in its original colors and is in “mint” condition. DS 21 cabriolet d’usine 00FA0074 is one of only 483 original factory delivered cars produced between 1961 and 1971.

Model description The Citroën DS is an automobile which was manufactured and marketed by the French company Citroën from 1955 to 1975. Styled by Italian sculptor and industrial designer Flaminio Bertoni and the French aeronautical engineer André Lefèbvre, the DS was known for its aerodynamic futuristic body design and innovative technology, including a hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension. The DS advanced achievable standards in automobile ride quality, handling, and braking.Citroën sold nearly 1.5 million D-series during the model's 20-year production run. The DS came in third in the 1999 Car of the Century competition, recognizing the world's most influential auto designs, and was named the most beautiful car of all time by Classic & Sports Car magazine. Rarest and most collectable of all DS variants, a convertible was offered from 1958 until 1973. The Cabriolet d'Usine (factory-built convertible) were built in small series by French carrossier Henri Chapron, for the Citroën dealer network. These DS convertibles used a special frame which was reinforced on the sidemembers and rear suspension swingarm bearing box, similar to, but not identical to the Break (Station Wagon) frame. From 1961 till 1971 a total of only 483 DS21 cabriolets was build. A grand total of 1365, ID 19, DS 19 and DS 21 cabriolet d’usine were build (1961 – 1971) of which +/- 300 are known to have survived.
(Source: Wikipedia)
Citroën DS 21 - 1970 Citroën DS 21 - 1970  Citroën DS 21 - 1970 Citroën DS 21 - 1970  Citroën DS 21 - 1970 Citroën DS 21 - 1970  Citroën DS 21 - 1970 Citroën DS 21 - 1970  Citroën DS 21 - 1970 Citroën DS 21 - 1970  Citroën DS 21 - 1970
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