JAGUAR E-type OTS 3.8L Series 1 - 1961
Model E-type 3.8L Series 1 - Manual Transmission Body Type Convertible Price SOLD
Make 1961-1968 Color Opalescent Dark Green
Year 1961 Interior Tan
Specific description This 209th E-Type roadster, with original outside bonnet locks, was sold new to Dr. H. Allan Burnett, in Montreal, Canada. Only the first 385 LHD OTS cars had the original outside bonnet locks. The outside bonnet latch is the most sought after of all the Series I E Types. In 2005 the car was exported from Canada to Europe and sold to an Italian Diplomat, Francesco Giardina, who was living in Luxembourg. He sent the car for a total restauration. More than 200 pictures are available from the restauration. It was then sold to its 3th owner in Belgium. The Jaguar Heritage Certificate confirms the car is a full matching numbers and it has been restored in its original interior and exterior colors.

Model description The Series 1 was introduced, initially for export only, in March 1961. The domestic market launch came four months later in July 1961. The cars at this time used the triple SU carburetted 3.8 litre six-cylinder Jaguar XK6 engine from the XK150S. Very earlier built cars utilised external bonnet latches which required a tool to open and had a flat floor design. These cars are rare and more valuable. After that, the floors were dished to provide more leg room and the twin hood latches moved to inside the car. The 3.8-litre engine was increased to 4.2 litres in October 1964.
(Source: Wikipedia)
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