Model Blue Train - Manual Transmission Body Type Sedan 2 doors Price SOLD
Make 1922-1931 Color British Racing Green
Year 1949 Interior Green
Specific description This car was built on the Bentley chassis B296FV. The engine is a Bentley B80 with 8 cylinders in-line, developing 5.675 cc and 180 bhp, with 4 SU carburetors, synchronized four-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with upgraded coil springs, rigid rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs and hydraulic front drum and mechanical drum brakes. This car was built by Vintage Racing in the U.K. and delivered to Cady Cars in 2015. This Bentley special Bleu Train is modeled after the Gurney Nutting Coupe. The rear trunk also features a full tool kit in a fold-down tray. The magnificent crafted interior features matching liquor cabinets, with each containing a decanter and a set of crystal glasses that have been engraved with the Bentley “B” logo. The cabinets are finished in highly polished walnut, as is the dash cowl and the tops of the doors. Beautiful leather completes the interior, along with matching green carpeting. A Webasto sliding sunroof is fitted, as are twin side-mounted spare wheels. This Bleu train is stunning and a real head turner.

Model description The rich racing history and the remarkable durability of the vintage Bentley's have attracted many enthusiasts. The bibliography on the Bentley is exceptionally rich. The marque began as a 3 liter sports car and over half of the 3.048 total production, was of this model. The 6.5 liter models were designed more for refined coachwork, albeit with little sacrifice in performance. Also approximately fifty blown 4.5 liter cars were produced, with 240 bhp, but reliability suffered. All the models had particular virtues and rather few vices. The vintage Bentley was always tough and lasting.
(Source: Wikipedia)
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